The Challenge

Complications with catheter connections in both the home and healthcare facilities are often the result of unintentional touch or airborne contamination of the patient’s catheter. Currently, the standard of care emphasizes lengthy and complicated preparation processes to reduce possible catheter connection contamination. If a catheter connection becomes contaminated, the patient is likely to experience a bloodstream or peritoneal membrane infection, which requires immediate treatment and hospitalization. Catheter related bloodstream infections can negatively impact patient outcomes and increase the cost of treatment for both patients and healthcare facilities .

Our Solution

The FireflyTM catheter connection system is a UV-enabled disinfection technology which is designed to enhance the quality of life in patients through a safe, easy-to-use, and intuitive process which minimizes user compliance. Simplifying current disinfection procedures will reduce accidental contamination and increase user compliance in order to decrease complication rates associated with catheter connections. Our first Firefly product, the Firefly peritoneal dialysis connection disinfection system, is the first peritoneal dialysis device  to show greater than 4-log disinfection (99.99%) of microorganisms which can cause bloodstream or peritonitis disease.

If you are a patient, physician, or provider and would like more information on the Firefly, please contact us.