PuraCath UV Device Displays a 99.9999% Disinfection of COVID-19 Virus in 1 Second

PuraCath has been partnered and working with a top tier BSL-3 National Laboratory, which has a premiere high containment infectious disease facilities to test its Firefly UV device for the ICU and hospitals with 2019-nCoV (the COVID-19 virus).

The preliminary results show that PuraCath’s device has achieved 99.9999% disinfection with SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that is known to cause COVID-19) in just one second. The Firefly UV device can help reduce nurse-to-patient, patient-to-patient, or patient-to-nurse viral transmission in the ICU settings in hospitals. Moreover, in a rapidly paced environment like the ICU, it is critical to be able to disinfect fast and efficiently, like with Firefly.

“We are very excited with this recent partnership with a prestigious National Laboratory and news on rapid disinfection of the COVID-19 virus on our device. We believe that the Firefly can bring substantial clinical benefits and reduced infection transmission in critically ill patients in ICUs and hospitals worldwide,” states Ms. Julia Rasooly, CEO and Founder of PuraCath Medical.